Any body knows how to unlock moneybookers account ?

I am a freelancer data entry on, I made withdarawal from odesk to my moneybookers account, this is my 3rd withdrawal using my moneybookers account, I use a wire transfer before.
The first and the second withdrawal is ok, I didn't find any problem.
But now... I've tried to make a withdrawal for a several time but kept saying this :

"Your account is locked for outgoing transfers and credit/debit card payments therefore we cannot complete this transaction. You need to change your Skrill (Moneybookers) account password and e-mail address via the Profile section in order to start the procedure for unlocking your account. "

Up next, I changed my e-mail ID as well as my password immediately, but then I was still not directed to anything so as to start the unlocking procedure. However, I just mailed them through the email support asking then how to unlock, but there is no reply. Moneybookers doesn't even answer my e-mails.

Extremely worried with this issue.
Any body knows how to resolve this ...?


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